Oct 2015

Completed Pieces

Below are the five fineart floral portrait pieces and one landscape piece that were completed in September 2015.

Better resolution images can viewed on the home page of the website or at 500px and Flickr



In Progress And Resting

These pieces are either in the process of being worked on or are ‘resting’.


Now For Something Completely Different

I try not to limit myself to my ‘normal’ work. It’s all to easy to become somewhat stagnant, especially so when you have developed a style. In order to continue growing, learning and keep the creativity going, I find it invaluable to shoot and process outside of my norm and outside of my comfort zone. Break rules, try new things, learn new techniques, shoot something different, challenge yourself.

Lay Me Down was always planed to just be one of my ‘play pieces’. However, I liked the final result so much it ended up becoming a completed piece.

I had been wanting to capture some Autumn colors and had also been wanting to play with focus stacking for some time. This scene seemed the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

This is a 7 shot focus stack, processed in LR and PS. It was a lot of fun to work on something different with new techniques!

For those that are interested, there is a separate, detailed, post on how I shot and processed this piece. The post includes equipment used, camera settings, taking the multiple shots, focus stacking the shots and processing carried out in both LR and PS.

Below is a before and after (already focus stacked).


Click here to for how Lay Me Down was shot and processed.


Lay Me Down - Before And After



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