Lightroom Tip – Tagging and Titling

A sometimes overlooked, yet powerful feature of Lightroom, is its cataloging and organization ability. This also includes tagging and titling.

Exif MetadataThe Library module allows you to edit and add various EXIF Metadata to your images. Setting this metadata before exporting an image will result in the exported image being embedded with that metadata.

Exif metadata contains such information as camera make and model, color space, color profile, focal length, aperture, shutter speed etc.

It also contains fields for Title and Keywords.

Setting the Title and Keyword metadata before exporting the image will result in the exported image being embedded with this data too.



Lightroom MetadataJust before I export a finished piece from Lightroom, I always tag and title it in the Library module. I find this to be well worth the few extra seconds that it takes.

In the Library module, go to the Keywording panel and add your tags/keywords. Separate words with a comma as usual.

In the Metadata panel, add your title.

Then export as usual.


There are two main benefits to this…

Firstly, if you are sharing your image online to social media or image sharing sites such as Facebook, 500px, Flickr etc., most of them will automatically pick up the tags/keywords and title from the EXIF data of the image, as you set them in Lightroom.

Just upload an image and the keywords and title fields of the upload form are automatically populated for you. No more having to manually enter tags and title every time you upload an image online.

Even Facebook will pick up the title.

Secondly, finding an image in Lightroom can be a pain if you have a decent amount of images in your library and who remembers the filenames??

If you have set a title for the image in the metadata you can quickly and easily search for the title in the Library module and locate the image in seconds.

Just go to the Library module, press Command + F (Ctrl + F for Windows) or go to ‘Library >> Find…’ in the menu. Type in the title of the image and press enter.

One point to note: The search feature will only search in the collection that you have selected. If you are not sure which collection the image is in, select ‘All Photographs’ under the Catalog panel on the left. This will then search all of the images in your catalog.

I hope this little tip proves to be a time-saver.



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