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Do you have a current, sound, backup plan?

I know some people that have no kind of backups at all.
For me, backups are vital. In the real world, it’s usually more a case of WHEN an HDD will fail, not if.
I’ve experienced HDD failures before and not having a solid backup plan is like some kind of twisted lottery for me!


Do you need a backup plan?

This is an easy one to answer…
Open Finder (Explorer if you use Windows), navigate to where all of your RAW files, completed edits, exports, work in progress, LR catalog, plugins, presets, actions, overlays etc are.
Now select them all, drag them to the trash and then empty the trash.

If you can do this and not think twice about it then I would say that you don’t need a backup plan.

However, if the thought of this fills you with dread, causes you to sweat and makes you think I am crazy, then you probably should have a backup plan, as that’s what you are potential risking.


HDDThe need for a backup plan isn’t just limited to HDD failure. Fire, theft, accidental damage or user errors can all lead to potential data loss.

A good backup plan can not only give you your files back but also gives you piece of mind and a lot less down- time should the worst happen.

I backup everything,
My entire Mac startup drive and my external drives that are dedicated to my photography.

All system files, software, documents, image files, LR catalog, PS files, everything!

Some may say I’m a little overkill when it comes to backups!


My backup plan is as follows….

1. Time Machine Backup of my Mac startup drive.

2. A complete, bootable clone of my Mac startup drive.
I use Carbon Copy to make and keep a bootable clone of my startup drive. This runs every night to ensure that the clone is up to date. I have had a number of drives die or start to fail over the years. Having an up to date bootable clone means you can boot from this drive and have no down-time whatsoever while you either repair or replace your startup drive. Just boot from the clone and carry on as normal.
Once repaired or replaced you simply clone your clone onto the new startup drive and carry on as before, no downtime, no hassles, no time wasted reinstalling software etc.

3. A clone of my external drives (except Time Machine) again kept up to date ever night.

4. An off-site, cloud backup of my startup drive and all external drives.


BackblazeOffsite backups are an important part of your backup plan, added insurance. If both your local original and backup drives are stolen or damaged in some way, your only option remains an off-site cloud backup that is safely stored away from any catastrophes that may occur locally.

I have tried a number of cloud backup solutions in the past but I have never been totally happy with them for one reason or another. Too slow, not very friendly, limited or awkward in what files can be backed up, price etc.

That is until now, enter Backblaze!


There’s a lot to like about Backblaze, not least the amount of storage and price!

I’ll save the best for last but some of the plus points of Backblaze are….


BackblazeVery user-friendly. There are options that you can set but you can literally install and forget.It will backup any connected external HDDs that you tell it that you want to backup.

It will backup any connected external HDDs that you tell it that you want to backup.

It continuously backs up. You are not waiting for a backup time that could potentially mean a loss of data.

If you wish you can manually control throttle and number of backup threads.

You can exclude any and as many folders that you like from the backup.

Additional two-factor authentication is available by setting a private encryption key.

Once files are deleted locally they are not removed from the backup server for 30 days. This could prove handy if you accidentally fully trash a file.

When it comes to restoring files you can download them for free, or even have Backblaze send them to you. A Flash Drive or even a 4TB HDD with your files on it can be sent for a very reasonable price.

Storage is truly unlimited all for one set, small, monthly fee.

Solid and reliable.

Available for PC and Mac.


All of this and more for only $5 / month, for unlimited storage and backing up as many external HDD as you like!


For the price, storage, ease of use, install and forget and peace of mind I personally think it’s amazing plus the price is even cheaper if you sign up for a year.

What’s more, you can try the service for free for 15 days. After that time if you wish to subscribe all your backed up files remain and backups carry on as usual. If you decide not to subscribe then all your backed up files are deleted from the servers.

You can click here to signup or try Backblaze for free.


I’m sure we all spend time telling or trying to convince people just how much our work is worth.

Surely your work is worth what amounts to be around $0.17 a day to you!

Whatever you decide to do regards a backup plan, remember how much time and effort you put into your work, what it’s worth to you and that it’s more of a question of when an HDD will fail not if.


Do yourself a favor and implement some kind of a good backup plan as part of your workflow.





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